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Madame Mystery

For some time there has been available the shortened version of the Hal Roach 2-reel comedy Madame Mystery which was pulled from the Pathex release (Pathex served the consumer market with 9+mm film designed to run in Pathex projectors).


While great to have some version of Theda Bara's final film (albeit not a feature film), it was not satisfying to watch. Plot elements were left out and the pace was just a bit too much (especially starting off with the already accelerated pace typical of many Hal Roach films).

Now, thanks to the same person who duplicated a screener copy of East Lynne and continues to sell DVDs of that, now it is possible to get the full version of Madame Mystery.

While the price is quite high, it is not as high as the initial price offered for East Lynne.

Yes, there is that annoying SMPTE time code at the bottom of the screen and probably no sound.

Wouldn't it be great if these screening copies of rare Theda Bara movies means that someone out there is assembling a new Theda Bara DVD? Perhaps! It would be just in time for the 100th anniversary of A Fool There Was!
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