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Movie Titles Associated with Theda Bara but Were Not!

The Scarlet Altars At least one publication in 1918 or 1919 discussed a film in production starring Theda Bara with this tentative title. The actual title would become When Men Desire. The movie scenario was based on a story by J. Searle Dawley and E. Lloyd Sheldon called "The Scarlet Altars." I wish they would have stuck with the original title myself. Scarlet suggests either blood shed or loose women, both of which could be said to apply to the plot. The title When Men Desire sounds more like a question or certainly an open ended suggestion which, in the end, means nothing.

A Modern Thelma The New York Clipper repeatedly referred to a five-reel Fox film which was released on April 17, 1916 as starring Theda Bara. Everything was correct except that Theda Bara was not in it. Vivian Martin was the title character. Not sure why this error was repeated in multiple issues. The fact that its release date was so close to another Theda Bara film should have caused some editor to raise a question. I don't think the error was made just because this film also starred Harry Hilliard, who played with Theda Bara in Romeo and Juliet.

I know I have other titles which somehow got pinned to Theda Bara...tentative titles, movies that never got made or movies made which had nothing to do with her.
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